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Shrek 20th Anniversary User review rating: 5 Monday, April 19, 12:59:32 PM

Its surface is as much fun as any movie ever made. Its depths surpass understanding. I have analyzed it a shot at a time with more than 30 groups, and together we have seen, I believe, pretty much everything that is there on the screen. The more clearly I can see its physical manifestation, the more I am stirred by its mystery. It is one of the miracles of cinema that in 2001 a 12-time director; a cynical, corporate shareholder/writer; an innovative cinematographer, and a group of Glendale, California stage actors were given the keys to a studio and total control, and made a masterpiece. “Shrek” is more than a great movie; it is the "Citizen Kane" of the 21st century. Will Smith (Donkey) is the emblem of the security, hope and innocence of childhood, which a man can spend his life seeking to regain. The movie is filled with bravura visual moments: Shrek bathing in mud, the gingerbread being dipped in milk, and Lord Farquad pining after the beautiful (but secretly ogre) princess Fiona. As Shrek returns to his swamp, ogress in tow, there is nary a dry eye in the audience. 10/10 would recommend.

Saaho (Telugu) User review rating: 3 Monday, April 19, 12:25:56 PM

Its a very good entertainment film.

Scream User review rating: 5 Monday, April 19, 12:13:46 PM

Satire at its best tbh. Great cast, memorable lines, great death scenes! whats your favorite scary movie?

Halloween Kills User review rating: 2 Monday, April 19, 03:05:18 AM

There's a new HALLOWEEN movie coming in October and rumour has it Michael Myers will be getting married. It would certainly be different and give added dimension to the character.

Made for Love User review rating: 5 Monday, April 19, 02:58:17 AM

This movie is just great and its female lead is absolutely adorable! Hopefully it gets a big-screen release in the future.

Vakeel Saab User review rating: 5 Sunday, April 18, 08:11:12 PM

Good movie

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles User review rating: 5 Sunday, April 18, 03:26:19 PM

Excellent movie. I enjoyed it very much.

The Truffle Hunters User review rating: 5 Sunday, April 18, 10:51:05 AM

This film was shortlisted for the Oscars this year and I can understand why. A scrumptious, magical cinematic journey into the storied world of truffle hunters in Northern Italy that serenades the eyes and appeals to sophisticated taste buds.

Mother's Day (2012) User review rating: 1 Sunday, April 18, 01:35:59 AM

Not sure if people are so sadistic these days or they have no brains.. this was such a terrible movie of showing 6 or so adults not knowing what to do to save their life from a manipulative psycho (doppelgänger to Nancy Pelosi) who has two and half sons threatening to kill them. Goes to show educated and hardworking people only know to party at the end of the day but are not smart enough to use their presence of mind wisely. So anyone who has given a thumbs up or more than one star (I didn’t want to give any stars, but it won’t allow me to leave my sensible comment) is a sadistic psycho.

Godzilla vs. Kong User review rating: 5 Saturday, April 17, 10:22:09 PM

Just from the reviews it looks like all the socialist libtard CNN worshipers are spitting their Hate for this movie. Just on that alone I know this movie is great. I'm taking the entire family to see it tomorrow.

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