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Hit Man User review rating: 3 Monday, May 27, 09:37:26 AM

Movie was entertaining. Can't say like it dislike. It was ok. Not really my type of movie. I like more mystery and thriller.

The Invitation User review rating: 1 Monday, May 27, 03:29:28 AM

Wdh was that ending? Cliche. She could really use a bit more plot armor. What a load of a garbage. It’s so bad that i was actually hoping the protagonist would die…

Atlas (Netflix) User review rating: 5 Monday, May 27, 01:40:01 AM

A stunningly beautiful sci-fi action thriller! Great effects and performances make ATLAS a MUST on the big-screen with the most booming sound systems today's technology can offer! This one goes to 11!!!!!!!!!!!

Hit Man User review rating: 5 Monday, May 27, 01:20:15 AM

Glen Powell stars in one of the year’s funniest, sexiest, most enjoyable movies — and somehow it’s surprisingly deep, too. It’s the kind of romp people are talking about when they say that “they don’t make them like they used to”: It’s romantic, sexy, hilarious, satisfying and a genuine star-clinching turn for Glen Powell the new hollywood hunk.

IF User review rating: 4 Sunday, May 26, 07:52:46 PM

I love how cute it is and I think it is perfect for little kids.

Civil War User review rating: 1 Sunday, May 26, 07:01:07 PM

An example of why Americans better get informed and perform their civic duty this November. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! The most divisive movie since the McCarthy trials in the 50’s. So disappointed in myself for being duped into watching this!

The Blue Angels User review rating: 5 Sunday, May 26, 05:32:06 PM

Fasciating! Loved that it is here for Memorial Day. It was well done . They flew right over my head one memorial day weekend. I will never forget it. 😀 Absolutely breathtaking! Movie shows so much of what it takes to be a Blue Angel. I was happy to learn so much & more 😊

Sight User review rating: 5 Sunday, May 26, 01:31:11 PM

The things he went through, his persistence and desire to be helpful to people, and then what he accomplished are so motivating and inspiring. We are very blessed to have people of such integrity and intelligence come to our country.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes User review rating: 3 Sunday, May 26, 12:36:10 PM

In the beginning of the movie, humans are rare, lost their ability to speak and have lost their intelligence… their competitive edge.,When humans finally appear, their female spokeswoman speaks clearly eith high intelligence. Huh?

The Fall Guy User review rating: 5 Sunday, May 26, 11:00:40 AM

This is a very enjoyable date night movie. It’s cheeky and sweet with romance, comedy, action and intrigue - what more could you want? The story line never drags in this movie. It is a bit loud in spots, being that it’s about stunts (and there’s some cool ones). I have already recommended this movie to several friends because I enjoyed it that much.

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