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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It User review rating: 3 Tuesday, June 22, 11:06:08 PM

In horror movie history, the ‘Part 3’ of the series is usually awful or boring as the producers are trying all the trick or treats from the first 2 films. Not the case here. This one is generous with the scares and remember, these characters are based on real people who witnessed all kinds of demonic stuff in old houses and haunted places. Most of what they saw and observed cannot be defined or explained by our modern experience. There is a very spooky scene deep in the woods someplace that will creep you out. And the ‘entity’ in the mourgue? Oh my God! Check out the third and (probably not final ) chapter of The Conjuring!

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard User review rating: 1 Tuesday, June 22, 10:57:43 PM

An unfunny cash-grab which has Samuel L. dropping his F-Bombs and Mother-F-bombs like candy. Would have been smarter for the likeable and usually funny Ryan Reynolds to push for a part 3 of his Deadpool franchise. Selma Hayek still looks foxy but what the hell happened to the once A-list Antonio Banderas? His wig was awful and his one-liners sound like they were written by a fifth-grader. A lot of CGI ( too much) in this movie and I kept looking at my watch to see if it was getting to the 2 hour mark…yep. Time to go home and jerk off to my DVD copy of Selma Hayek in Robert Rodriguez’ “Dusk Before Dawn’. Now that’s a movie!

Bram Stoker's Dracula User review rating: 1 Tuesday, June 22, 09:21:33 PM

Boring and interminable. The pre-title sequence is the best thing about the movie, then it falls apart completely. They even trot out that hoary old "reincarnated love" bit that has been used in so many vampire movies that had become a tired, shopworn chiche. Keanu Reeves delivers his worst performance - which is really saying something - and is often singled out for his dire acting in this one, but I don't think scapegoating Reeves is all that fair because ALL of the actors are absolutely terrible in this. The title is a misnomer. This is closer to a betrayal of Stoker's great novel than an adaptation of it. The estate of Bram Stoker should have sued the makers of this crap for using this title. Another career low from the once mighty Francis Coppola. Did I mention that the film isn't scary at all?

In the Heights User review rating: 5 Tuesday, June 22, 05:21:34 PM

Seeing Lin Manuel Miranda perform in this movie was so fantastic and special. His show Hamilton on Broadway is so good, yet this film may just top it. A must see for all who have a dream.

In the Heights User review rating: 5 Tuesday, June 22, 05:16:23 PM

Just like a Broadway musical only better. Great story, dancing and music. All about dreams and reality of everyday life. I loved it and now want to visit New York.

Kill, Baby... Kill! User review rating: 5 Tuesday, June 22, 04:04:37 AM

Another horror masterwork by maestro Mario Bava. Scary, innovative and influential. If you are a horror fan, don't miss this. If you a true dyed-in-the-wool horror fan, then you have already seen this and own the Bluray.

Nothing Personal User review rating: 1 Tuesday, June 22, 03:58:32 AM

Donald Sutherland and Suzanne Somers star in the worst, least funniest comedy least it was the world's comedy until the release of GAS the following year (another painfully unfunny Canadian comedy, also with Donald Sutherland)

That Thing You Do! User review rating: 1 Tuesday, June 22, 02:55:06 AM

Waaaaay too sentimental and saccharine. The actors are unappealing. But the worst part is that song. That terrible atrocious song that they play again and again and again and again and over and over and over and on and on and on. This is what hell is like! It's like radio! Think of a malignant cancer of a song that was never ever good but actually gets radio airplay and NEVER goes away...yeah, just like "Life is a Highway", where the atrocious song is like a serial rapist who keeps breaking into your home night after night and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. The financial failure of this film has kept Hanks on the proper side of the camera ever since. Thank God for small mercies.

Charlie's Angels User review rating: 1 Tuesday, June 22, 01:53:22 AM

I couldn't believe just how dull this was! It should have been called CHARLIE'S DOGS, as the "ladies" (ahem) could not have been uglier! Elizabeth Banks is a talentless imbecile and a scumbag.

Twilight User review rating: 1 Tuesday, June 22, 01:46:17 AM

A lousy book becomes a lousy movie. Surprise surprise! Connoisseurs of bad acting will find this to be the holy grail of atrocity that they've been looking for.

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